About the Brand

WSDM Clothing was started during the early months of 2023 by me (Tonitse) at 17 years old.

The idea started as a side project to fill my boredom as I'd just gotten a long-term injury that sidelined me from my main passion at the time, playing football. However, I began to realise that this brand stood for something bigger than myself and had the potential to have a positive impact. 
The mission of the brand is to spread God's word through fashion and give the Christian youth a new way to stand out from the crowd and have confidence in their faith. At WSDM, we believe that what you wear can be a powerful tool for expressing your faith and sharing your values with the world. We want to make it easy for young Christians to show their religion, and look good doing it.
Right now this is only a two-man team, me and God. But as I learn new things about running this brand every day, I strive to improve and grow the vision. Become a part of the movement today and welcome yourself to the WSDM Warriors. 
Stay Blessed, Tonitse

Style that Glorifies.